About Me

My name is Tonson Pathompongpun, my parents named me after a strong, nice looking tree, a “Pine” tree which can be associated with Americans in terms of Christmas celebration. My birthplace is Nakhonpathom province, one hour away from Bangkok. I have two younger sisters and surprisingly am the only one in my family who is motivated to create art.

My passion for graphic design began to ignite back in my late teens when I was taking a class in visual communications design during my undergraduate program. Since then I have gradually developed my interest and skills for computer art more and more. As a result of that I served myself by studying various Adobe programs and spent my leisure time practicing, working to become skillful at it. I believe I have chosen what I can do best and that it is the best path for me. In 2005, I graduated from Burapha University with a BFA degree of Fine and Applied Arts.

I started my career as a graphic designer at Charaxta Co., Ltd., and decided to move to Salad Co., Ltd. as a Group Head Designer considering this a big challenge for me. As a matter of fact, I truly enjoyed working as a graphic designer, my passion and love of design always push me to “never stop learning”. Therefore, “Web design and new media” should be the next high point on my learning curve since people now live their lives online and behavior has evolved digitally. Besides this will enhance my knowledge skills for a better and wider career opportunity.