Zaap was created as my thesis project for the Web Design and New Media School at the Academy of Art University. Zaap is an interactive application, which is played on PC and tablets. It allows user to experience a richer interaction with the history and spicy flavor of one of the oldest and powerful spice "Chili Pepper". Users will learn easily by following famous navigators and a friendly cute chili character.
  • Wireframes | Testings
First I created storyboards and character sketches to share on paper for my first round of User Testing. The next step was designing the app sections, which I looked at several other apps and sites to determine that my best focus was education and the Scoville scale. I also did a ton of research on the history of the chili pepper so I had my facts straight when I began creating the journey portion. After several rounds of user testing I ended up with the final character designs and flow for Zaap!
  • Visual Design
My Visual Design was heavily influenced by the child focused applications I found that successfully communicated to their audience through simple, colorful messaging. This is why I was driven to spend so much effort on creating a friendly host in Zaap, and making even controversial characters like Colombus so fun and inviting. This direction helped me choose my minimal user interface and color palette that permeates the entire app.